Precision Technical Molding
We are professionals in the Injection Molding Industry
Give us a call  520-245-5937 or  011-52-1-662-275-4246
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We specialize in Medical & Aerospace plastic injection
Molded Parts
Our business is focused on real process control
Our team has over 45 years combined experience in injection molding

Our team has experience working with Fortune 500 medical device companies like Johnson & Johnson, C.R. Bard, Kimberly Clark and Tyco Health Care.
we know what our customer needs and expectations are, and most important we know how  to meet them, We have designed our manufacturing facility to run high production processes with a high degree of process control
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Our Services
Our team can also help with any other secondary operation
  1. Plastic Welding
    Or Any Plastic joining method
  2. Plastic Painting
    Painting or pad printing.
  3. Product Assembly
    Plastic assembly or packaging
We specialize in Process Control
Our team is composed of Mechanical , Industrial and Chemical Engineers
We have dedicated most of our professional lives to the plastic industry.
Masters in Plastic Technology
RJG Certified Master Molders II  .
Our processes are run using scientific molding methods, making our process highly efficient.
We can help your company with any of your plastic processes.
Do not wait please contact us , let us see how can we help.